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It Starts With Family

H. Company Salons currently consists of 14 Supercuts Salons in Colorado. This company is female owned and is 100% run by hairstylists. We, as hairstylists, are so multi-talented that all of the positions in our company have been filled by stylists and almost always by stylists working behind the chair from our own company first. Getting to know our people and figuring out their goals, special talents, dreams, and needs has helped this company grow to what it is today. We plan on continuing that trajectory into the future by building our company with its core, our team.

H. Company Salons consists of expert level hairstylists that bring out the beauty in you
H. Company Salons provides haircuts for men, women, and children.
H. Company Salons, a local Colorado and female owned business, provides curated beauty services perfect for you.
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At H.Company Salons, these core values guide everything we do:

Our People

Above all else we are a family and each person on our team is a valued member. As a family we value our guests and our unique ability to make someone’s day by doing what we love to do!

Our Craft

We hold our skill and position in the industry to the highest regard and strive to continually improve and grow as stylists and as a team. Our goal is to provide tools and opportunities to help our team feel passionate about their craft.

Our Time

We value not only our guests' time but our team’s time. This is your career and it is important, but we see you living your best life and we are here for it. We work hard to help you establish a healthy work life balance.

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